Consultancy Announcement: Consultancy Services on Mid-Term Review of the National Strategic Development Plan (NSDP) 2019-2023: Inclusive Participation and Strategic Priorities Response within the Context of Covid-19 Pandemic

1. Rationale
Cambodia’s development visions for a progressive, inclusive, and sustainable society. “Leaving No One Behind” is a key principle to enhance people’s welfare and strengthen national solidarity. Peace, stability and inclusive and equitable growth are the cornerstones to address socio-economic inequality for national development and economic opportunities. The Government has initiated an ambitious development plan to transform Cambodia to be a high-income country by 2050.

Cambodia has a blueprint to guide activities to step up development aiming to become an upper-middle-income country by 2030. The Rectangular Strategy – Phase 4 is the key political agenda of the government of the 6th Legislature of the National Assembly. The National Strategic Development Plan (NSDP) 2019 – 2023 has been formulated for implementing of the Rectangular Strategy under the leadership of the Ministry of Planning (MoP), and the collaboration of all development actors. The NSDP identified priorities, indicators and timeframe, and monitoring tools to ensure efficiency and effectiveness of the public institutions and managements of resources which contribute to the achieving sustainable development in Cambodia.

The Mid-Term Review have been launched to monitor and evaluate the implementation of the NSDP, especially during the Covid-19 pandemic. It is the process of reviewing successes, challenges and lessons learned on achieving the national development to provide useful and quality information for decision-making and accountability purposes.

2. Objectives: Joint Initiative to Inclusive Participation and Strategic Priority Responses in the Mid-Term Review of NSDP in 2021
The objectives are the following:

  • To assess and identify key achievement and challenges of sectoral-based against indicators and cost & benefit analysis (effectiveness and efficiency): Transparency & Accountability from civil society organization in Cambodia in the mid-term review on the NSDP implementation in the Cambodia; and
  • To finalize a consolidated CSOs input through facilitating other leading sectoral civil society organizations to share their findings on the thematic indicators, target actions, sectors, and challenges in order to adopt a CSOs strategic priority and collective response for further implementation of NSDP in Cambodia based on impact of Covid-19 pandemic.

3. Expected Outcomes
The following outcomes are expected upon the completion of the initiative:
1. Collective inputs on reviewing matrix outlining the sector, goals, target actions, key challenges, monitored progress against indicators and recommendation on NSDP implementation through technical discussion, consultation process, validation workshop among CSOs, the government, and development partners (English & Khmer).
2. A CSOs strategic priorities, collectively response, and solidarity to broadly advocate through their inputs and recommendation contributed to future implementation of the NSDP 2019-2023.
3. Policy briefing on the CSOs strategic priority and collectively response on the next half NSDP 2019-2023 implementation (English & Khmer).

4. Qualification of Consultant
• Advanced education background in fields related to, agriculture, policy development, economics public policy, etc.
• At least five years’ experience in policy research study, civil society engagement, and development of advocacy products
• A sound understanding of Environmental, Social, and Governance framework
• Good analytical skills
• Good understanding of the development context in Cambodia;
• Ability to translate raw data into effective and engaging data visualizations and infographics
• Experience of proof reading and policy brief writing
• Excellent oral and written communication in English, including a demonstrated ability to translate complex, technical information into clear, non-technical language that is accessible to a broader audience.
• A sound working knowledge and experience with various stakeholders in the country including the associated national and regional coordinating mechanisms on climate change and development cooperation;
• Demonstrated experience in undertaking similar case studies and reviews in the region, preferably in Cambodia and
• Strong research, facilitation and interviewing skills, preferable experience in conducting civil society consulting and policy makers’ processes.

5. Application Process
Interested candidates/consultant shall:
a) Submit technical proposal with clear methodology, roadmap, work plan, budget, and including CVs
b) Deadline: July 18, 2021
c) Email: to both, NGO Forum on Cambodia (NGOF): and the Cooperation Committee of Cambodia (CCC):
d) Please visit for more detail and or CLICK HERE for ToR
e) Facebook page: and
f) Please also indicate your time availability to start the assignment in Mid-July and to accomplish the research at October 2021.

Short-listed candidates will be contacted. The NGO Forum commits to its policies (anti-corruption, child protection, gender policy, etc.). Women and persons with disabilities are encouraged to apply.