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Who we are

NGO Forum on Cambodia works to improve life for poor and vulnerable people in Cambodia. It is a membership organisation that builds NGO cooperation and capacity, supporting NGO networks and other civil society organizations to engage in policy dialogue, debate and advocacy. The goal of NGO Forum is that the rights of the poor and vulnerable are recognized and supported by the policies and practices of Cambodia’s government and development partners, and the wider community. NGO FORUM PROGRAMS Four key programs support NGO Forum’s mission:
  • Governance and Management
  • National Development Policy Program
  • Environment and Agriculture Policy Program
  • Land and ...
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Environment Programme

The programme consist of the following projects The Agricultural Policies Monitoring Project works to influence agricultural policies and to encourage best practice for climate change adaptation to benefit farmers, especially those that are poor and vulnerable. It boosts awareness of climate change impacts on agriculture and the need for adaptation, and strengthens the capacity and skills of NGO network members. Read more here. The Community Rights on Hydropower Development Project works in partnership with the Rivers Coalition in Cambodia ...
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NGO Forum Programmes

Core Programmes Development Environment Land & Livelihood Research and Information Center ...
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Core Programme

The Core Programme supports the implementation of the sectoral programmes and projects by providing services to ensure that the NGO Forum functions and represents its members effectively. NGO Forum’s long-term goal is to ensure that citizens and civil society organisations are well-equipped to contribute and influence policy making and implementation processes for the benefit of poor and vulnerable people of Cambodia. NGO Forum’s advocacy approaches are a combination of capacity building with actual advocacy activities. The advocacy approach is conducted though hosting a platform for policy dialogue such as workshops, meetings, conferences and others. Another approach is leading-edge strategic thinking ...
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Strategic Discussion on Preparation for the Formulation of Mid Term Review of NSDP update 2009-2013 and NGO Position Paper to 4th CDCF in 2011.

NGO representatives from 17 sectors comprised of 34 persons met at La Paranda Hotel on March 22, 2011 from 8:00am to 12:00am to discuss on the preparation for formulation of Mid Term Review of NSDP update 2009-2013 and NGO Position Paper on Cambodia's Development to 4th CDCF in 2011. Sharing experience from MEDiCAM representative on how to make the health sector's inputs/comments into the NSDP update was also part of the meeting. Prior to the strategic discussion, the achievements and challenges of Development Issue Forum members on the joint-advocacy work on i) NGO Position Paper to 3rd CDCF and ii) ...
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Management Commitee