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Land Security Project

The Land Security Project facilitates NGOs advocating for improved land tenure security and better land dispute resolution mechanisms, to benefit the poor and vulnerable. The project:
  • encourages engagement of NGOs, affected communities, development partners and the government in policy consultation and dialogue
  • Coordinates local and international NGOs working on land and housing to be organized and strengthened.
  • brings the concerns of affected communities and the need for better land allocation, registration and disputes resolution processes to the attention of decision makers
  • is supported by evidence-based and gender-sensitive research.
The project works closely with the Land and Housing Rights ...
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REDD+ (Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and forest Degradation) is a worldwide initiative that aims to reduce the emissions of greenhouses gases from logging. It also promotes sustainable forest management, conservation and enhancement of forest carbon stocks. Several REDD+ projects have been launched in Cambodia. These have provided an important start to the programme, although some negative impacts have also occurred in regard to the livelihoods of indigenous and forest-dependent people. There is a key focus now in remedying these impacts. The REDD+ Policy Monitoring Project of NGO Forum supports NGOs and civil society organisations to influence policies and practices related ...
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