The NGO Forum on Cambodia

# NGOFORUM Publication Date Download
1A Voice from CSO Cambodia to CoP23 Fiji/Bonn/Germany2017-11-17Khmer|English
2Voluntary Guidelines on the Responsible Governance of Tenure of Land Fisheries and Forests in the Context of National Food Security2017-09-29Khmer|English
3Summary of comments on the 6 Draft of Agricultural Land Law2017-07-24Khmer|English
4Synthesis of Key Comments and Recommendations on The 6th Draft Agricultural Land Law2017-07-24Khmer|English
5Statistical Analysis of Land Disputes in Cambodia, 20162017-07-06Khmer|English
6Statistical Analysis of Land Disputes in Cambodia, 20152017-05-31Khmer|English
7Preparedness of Cambodia Small Landholder Farmers toward ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) Integration 2017-03-31Khmer|English
8Briefing National Budget Guide2017-02-21Khmer|English
9Guide to the National Budget2016-07-19Khmer|English
10Statistical Analysis of Economic Land Concession in Cambodia, 20152016-06-29Khmer|English
11Joint principles for adaptation (English)2016-01-26Khmer|English
12Towards a Paris Agreement on Climate Change avoice from cambodia (English)2016-01-26Khmer|English
13Survey The compensation policies and market property price lower Sesan 2 dam development project2015-12-09Khmer|English
14A Study on Land Disputes in Four Provinces of Cambodia: Mapping, Impacts, and Possible Solutions2015-11-17Khmer|English
15Open Budget Survey 2015 (English)2015-11-16Khmer|English
16World Habitat Day: Community Petition(Khmer Only)2015-11-13Khmer|English
17Reflection on the Strategies to Support Small Landholders: Through the Review of National Strategic Development Plan (NSDP), Key Informant Interviews and Case Studies2015-10-05Khmer|English
18Policy brief strategy to support small landholder farmers2015-10-05Khmer|English
19Logs and patronage: systematic illegal logging and the destruction of state forests and protected areas in rattanakiri and stung treng provinces, Cambodia2015-10-05Khmer|English
20World Habitat Day 2015 Message of the UN-Habitat Executive Director Dr. Joan Clos(English Only)2015-10-05Khmer|English