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CSOs’ Joint Principle for Adaptation and Climate Change Response in Cambodia

CSOs Joint Principle for Adaptation and Climate Change Response in Cambodia 001

On 04 December 2016: Civil society initiative for promoting effective and equitable adaptation, Southern Voices has developed Joint Principles of Adaptation (JPA) which promotes multi-stakeholder participation in the shaping of policies on climate change adaptation. Totally 120 climate change practitioners and representatives, including 15 sectors of Climate Change Action Plan (CCAPs) to CCCSP; the government representatives, development partners, academia, NGOs, community-based organizations involved in the implementation of climate change related projects, as well as the private sectors had been learnt on JPA principles. The Joint Principle for Adaptation in Cambodia context had been shared into Knowledge Sharing Event on Cambodia’s Response to Climate Change. The event also bring together 15 authors of the most relevant adaptation cases submitted in response to the call for documented community based climate change related practices in Cambodia.
This is a very innovative exercise, introducing many new tools and approaches for mainstreaming of Climate Change in our regular practices. JPA is going to be a benchmark to ensure effective and equity climate change application especially CCAPs operation. It will be a learning process for us, but it is also a process that many international partners are interested in.
The Project Coordinator for NGOF and partners of SV-Adapt, Mr. Sey Peou commenced the proceedings of the workshop with an introductory sharing which underlined on roles and how the CSOs using the JPA principles. He also highlighted the need for a transparent and inclusive means of implementing the CCAPs, NAP process, as well as the need for a transparent and accountable adaptation finance mechanism. He commented on the need to secure the grassroots through capacity building and to focus on a more inclusive representation of vulnerable groups by taking into account the capacity of women and the differently-abled people in disaster situations.
So far; we Cambodia CSO as well as NGOF have introduced and applied the JPA principles to both his CSO members and related ministries for instance, we had used the JPA principle onto ten years strategic paper CCCSP developing, two multi-stakeholder consultation workshops on NAP; three consultation workshop on INDCs etc.
The Royal Government of Cambodia (RGC) is committed to pursuing national sustainable development that ensures a better quality of life and improves the living standards of its people.


The 10th National Advocacy Conference on “Working together for Social Justice and Sustainable Development”

10-NAC 1

On 30 November 2016, Tonle Bassac2 Restaurant, Phnom Penh, Cambodia: The 10the National Advocacy Conference is jointly organized by 59 civil society organizations, there are participants of approximately 400 persons taking part in this conference and these participants are various communities coming throughout the country, representatives of CSOs, government, national assembly, senate and private sectors. Currently, we the civil society organizations who are the organizing committee of this conference are working together for the enhancement of draft laws and policies through provision of recommendations and inputs and we also participate in the enhancement of law and policy implementations and services in order to increase the respect for human rights, good governance, social justice, protection of environment for the promotion of sustainable development and reduction of poverty rate in compliance with the national strategic plan of Cambodian government. This annual conference is the event for our debate on policy which is mainly in relation the land and natural resources governance. It is like one slogan says that - “we share heart, sharing thinking, share doing and we share responsibility”.


Regional Exchange Program on Strengthening River Coalition in Cambodia’s Capacity and Regional Engagement on Advocacy Plan in Mekong Region

RCC-Regional Exchange Program 1

From 21st – 27th November 2016, Pak Mun Dam, Mekong River Basin, Thailand: River Coalitions in Cambodia (RCC) has been facilitated by Community Rights on Hydropower Development project of The NGO Forum on Cambodia. RCC members work closely with dam-affected communities and partners both national and regional levels to advocate, debate and advocacy to influence national and regional environmental policies for sustainable hydropower dams, which are ecologically sound, participatory, gender and climate change responsive for the benefit of the dam-affected communities. The project also works to increases awareness of the impacts of hydropower dams on climate change among dam-affected communities and network members, and encourages the process of public participation in development projects, including an acknowledgement of people’s rights to timely, complete and accurate information on various development initiatives that affect them. There were 10 RCC members were attended in the program. The overall objective of the program focused strengthening cooperation work and increase knowledge and skills of RCC members both men and women through their exchange and inter-learning among dam – affected communities and CSOs organizations in Mekong region. There were three specific objectives:
- Strengthening cooperation and increase knowledge and skills of RCC members and enhance their implementation at the ground and share to other CSOs network members and dam – effected communities and;
- Providing space for sharing, learning and formulating into joint action plan in term of CSOs engagement to work for protecting and promoting community rights in Mekong region.


The Engagement of CSOs in the Creation of Natural Resource and Environmental Code

environment code 2016 001

Phnom Penh, 23 November 2016: Finally there is 6 pages of 26 input and suggestion had been consolidated coming from 116 participants (21 Female) of research institutes, academia, legal firm, NGOs, development partners, communities representative and indigenous people who have been/being affected by any project development or investment in Cambodia. The NGO Forum on Cambodia with development partners, NGOs, Academia and technical working group who were working together to collect more comments and inputs on of Environmental Code,
Drawing from this point of view, the NGOF and CSO members in Cambodia organized CSO National Consultation Workshop ON THE DRAFT OF NATURAL RESOURCES AND ENVIRONMENTAL CODE” conducting on 23 November 2016 a day before 3rd national consultation workshop host by Vishnu Law Group and Ministry of Environment (MoE).


Enhance The Implementation Of Adaptation Action By Scaling Up Investment, Capacity Building, And Technology Support For The Resilience Of Communities And Cities At Risk

Enhance the implementation of adaptation action 001

Phnom Penh; Cambodia, 08 November 2016: Through Climate Change Policy Monitoring Project, NGO Forum actively working with Adaptation Fund NGO Network, GermanWatch, DCA/CA and Southern Voice host Disseminate Workshop on Adaptation Fund Tracking and National Adaptation Plan (NAP) Linkage in Cambodia at Tonle Bassac II Restuarant, Phnom Penh, Cambodia. There are approximately 67 participants (11 Female) to join this workshop. They are government officers, embassy representative, academics, youth, development partners, NGOs members and affected communities. The objectives of event are:1) share experiences of good  practice and challenges on Climate Change Adaptation Projects and Climate Change Policy, National Adaptation Plan (NAP) in Cambodia; and 2) present the result of research with strategic recommendations to relevant stakeholders such as UN agencies, decision makers, academics, NGOs and communities on the situation of climate change finance in Cambodia.


CSOs in Cambodia organized The International Day of the World’s Indigenous Peoples


In 2016, there are about more than 300 million of indigenous peoples from 70 countries throughout the world are going to celebrate its 22nd of the International Day of the World’s Indigenous Peoples on special themes “Indigenous Peoples and Education”. The theme will focus on the indigenous peoples’ issues to access to the education service, the promotion of appropriate education to indigenous peoples and other facing issues related to indigenous peoples.

CSOs in Cambodia cooperate with Ministry of Rural Development to organized the International Day of the World’s Indigenous Peoples on 09 August 2016 at Center of Sport of Kompong Speu Province. There are around 1000 participants join this event. This year, the International Day of the World’s Indigenous Peoples on special themes “Indigenous Peoples and Education”.
The overal objective is to enhance indigenous people’s rights through public recognition and to raise people’s general awareness of indigenous people’s culture and issues in the Kingdom of Cambodia.



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