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Forum on “The Protection and Conservation of Natural Resources”

The Protection and Conservation of Natural Resources 001

On the morning of February 06, 2017 at the Ministry of Environment: NGO Forum on Cambodia, along with civil society organizations working on the conservation of natural resources, participated in the forum on "the protection and conservation of natural resources." This forum is important to debate solutions and consultation on issues of natural resources and land.

The Protection and Conservation of Natural Resources 002

Speaking at a forum on "the protection and conservation of natural resources," the morning of 05 February 2017, at the hall of the Ministry HE Sam Al encourage progress environmental code, to continue to implement the Directive 01 advancing issues conflict with the population have been excluded or Move crackdown forest crimes (check Depot timber) dividing a divided responsibility transfer to work exclusively for the cultivation to the Ministry of Agriculture Forestry and Fisheries and the transfer of conservation to Ministry of Environment. In addition, Circular 05 provides the responsibility of national and sub-national equal responsibility. According to this circular decided that the participation of civil society organizations to participate conserve natural resources through work, local or patrol with the authorities of Land and park ranger forest. As cooperation between civil society organizations in a request to the Ministry help promote registration and resolving land disputes this opportunity, HE Sam Al also suggested that civil society organizations provide the specific information from identity location, the number of families affected to the Ministry to handle.

Regarding the representation of indigenous communities Mr. Tola worried about cutting their conquest of social concession land in Busra and Dak Dam Commune by proposing H.E helping.

Meanwhile, representatives of Prey Lang Mr. Sokhoeun, Ministry to handle requests from deforestation in forest wildlife century check from settlements in the area, transitory machine and a large number of crafts.

The Protection and Conservation of Natural Resources 003

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